Basket "For the festive"

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Marmarabirlik Olives: 400 grams

Cheddar Cheese: 300 grams

Fig Jam: 380 grams

Turkish Delight with Pistachio: 250 grams

Turkish Coffee: 100 grams

Ülker Biskrem: 170 grams

Koska Halva: 200 grams

Allure chocolate bars: 31 grams

Halley: 77 grams

Albeni Chocolate: 72 grams

El yapımı oyuncak ayı,кalp dekoru

This product is sent to the city of Kyiv and the districts of Kyiv.

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1 899,00 Grivna
(Yaklaşık 474 TL)



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11 red roses and chocolates

11 red roses and chocolates


11 red roses, decoration

*Gift! When ordering this product, chocolates 100g Lyubimov for FREE !!!

Red roses are always classic and elegant. You can make your loved ones happy with these roses.

Courier fees may be charged for settlements such as villages and towns.
Before placing your order; Get information from our customer representative on this subject

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