Don’t Neglect

1. Don’t Neglect
  • Please write a valid e-mail address so that we can reach you if necessary.
  • The mails we send to you may fall into the spam box (Junk Mail Box) Do not neglect to check it.
  • Please remember to read the shipping terms you confirmed before placing your order. Your consent will mean that you accept the terms of service .
  • Select your order from the city of interest. The prices of the bouquets may vary by city.
  • You can contact our customer representative for cities that are not included in the list.
  • You can order without registration (without being a member).
  • Courier service is not provided after 19:00. You can ask our customer representative about the courier service.


  • Our company does not share recipient contact information (home address-office address-phone number etc.) with the orderer under any circumstances.
  • Our courier doesn’t forward any message other than your message in your note
  • Your card information is not seen by us when you pay by credit card or debit card. This information is kept confidential in banks.

Thanks for your attention.