Terms of Service and Security

  • Terms of Service and Security
    • Make sure you select your flower from the list the city you will send to . Contact our customer representative for the connected district and village.
    • The address and telephone information of the recipient is not shared with the sender under any circumstances .
    • The information of our customers is not shared with third parties under any circumstances. Privacy is essential.
    • The photograph of the recipient with the bouquet or gift is taken only if the recipient agrees .
    • In order for the order to take place, all buyer information must be complete written. (If the address is unknown, you can contact our customer representative)
    • The order is fulfilled after payment .
    • Can I place an order as a guest user WITHOUT REGISTRATION?
    • Yes, you don’t need to be registered to order.
    • Do not forget to write your e-mail and telephone information so that we can contact you.
    • No refund will be made if the recipient does not accept the bouquet, and the contact information is incorrect or incomplete.
    • If the bouquet cannot be delivered in cases such as weather, extraordinary situations, it is delivered to the recipient on another date .
  • When will my flower arrive?
    • In SendFlower, products are delivered one day after the order is placed.
    • If you want another day, please specify in the note field when placing the order.
    • The flowers you want to arrive on the same day will be delivered within 8 hours at the earliest and 2 hours from your order. Orders placed until 15.00 are delivered within the day (if the buyer is available), and orders placed after 15.00 are delivered the next day.
    • Courier service is not available after 19:00. Ask our customer representative for the terms of the courier service.
    • Is SHIPPING FEE charged on orders?
      • Bouquet prices vary depending on the city (village oblast) you choose. Shipping fee may be charged for cities / towns / villages not included in the list. If there is a shipping fee, the cargo service is charged and forwarded to the orderer.
      • You can contact our customer representative for cities-towns and villages that are not listed. Product prices may vary by city-village or town.
    • How do I know that my order has reached you?
      • After placing your order, information is automatically sent to your address
      • To verify your order information, using [email protected] or our ONLINE Manager(bottom right of the screen) You can get information by contacting with.
      • When the delivery is made, either an e-mail notification or an SMS is sen
    • To which cities other than Kiev can I send flowers?
      • You can send your flowers to all cities of Ukraine on our list. Additional charges may apply for oblasts. Products such as toys, balloons and chocolates are sent with flowers.
    • I do not know the order address, will the phone be sufficient?
      • Yes. The phone must be opened by the recipient and the address must be told to our courier.
      • If you share the phone number of the person you want to send, we will contact him and deliver your flower. In such cases, your flower will be delivered to its place only if shares the address of the recipient .
    • Will a refund be given for flowers and gifts that cannot be sent?
      • No refund will be made if the recipient does not accept the bouquet or gift, or cannot be reached due to a reason arising from the recipient or deficiencies in the order information. Money will be reserved for your next order.
      • No refunds will be made in the event of extraordinary circumstances such as weather conditions, natural disasters, war, and if the recipient is unable to receive the shipment. Money will be reserved for your next order.
    • Can I order more than one product at a time?
      • Yes, you can order more than one product at a time.
    • Can I write the note I want on my order?
      • Yes, you can write the note you want while creating your order.
    • I want my name not to appear in my order, is that possible?
      • Yeah. While placing your order, you can specify that you do not want your name to appear in the note section.
    • Can I submit a product that is not on your product list?
      • Yeah. It will be enough to contact our customer representative and tell the product. Our customer representative will tell you the terms of delivery.
    • What security standards does our system have?
    • All pages of Sendflower.com.ua are protected by Norton Antivirus.
    • Sendflower.com.ua is fully certified by Comodo Certificate Authority.
    • All shopping with a card on Sendflower.com.ua is made with an SSL certificate.
    • TrustPilot, comment platform was created for the transparency of Sendflower.com.ua services. Our business is a member of this platform.


Contact in Russian-Ukrainian language (english)

+380 93 230 13 23 (whatsapp)


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