Why do Ukrainian women love flowers ?

Why do Ukrainian women love flowers ? How should flowers be gifted?

Why do Ukrainian women love flowers ? Wherever you go in the world, it is very difficult to find a woman who doesn’t like to buy flowers.

Well, have you ever wondered why Ukrainian women love flowers?

Actually, this question has not one but several answers.

The scent center in the brains of women has 50% more scent cells than men. For this reason, they are affected by the enchanting scent of flowers 50% more than men.

In fact, the reason why they grow fragrant flowers in their homes and have a potted plant or flower in their offices is closely related to the question of why women love flowers.

Ukrainian women want to feel special, when they buy flowers they feel loved and valuable to the other party.

You broke up and made a mistake “Let’s start over. I Love You.”

Flower taken for no reason is “You mean my life.”

The flower that goes on special occasions “I have never forgotten.” means.

Pay attention to these points when gifting flowers in Ukraine:
Red Carnation is usually given at ceremonies such as funerals. A bouquet of red carnations may not be welcome.

– sent wreaths at the opening in Turkey, which sent more funerals. Therefore, similar to that of Turkey in the opening wreaths and celebrations not seen.

– Flower bouquets are always an odd number. In other words, a bouquet of 10 or 20 roses is not ordered.

– For Ukrainian women, days such as birthday, wedding or dating anniversary, February 14 Valentine’s Day and March 8 International Women’s Day are very important. Do not forget to gift flowers these days.

– The most gifted bouquets in Ukraine are bouquets of roses. Red and white colors are generally preferred.

– Some Ukrainian women may like bouquets of flowers such as ‘chrysanthemum’, ‘gerbera’, ‘alstromeria’ instead of roses. Therefore, try to find out which flowers your loved one prefers.

– In Ukraine, flowers are also given to men. However, such gifts are preferred in situations such as ‘birthday of a manager or colleague’, ‘starting a new job’, ‘promotion’. In bouquets for men, long flowers are preferred and the bouquet is prepared in an upright appearance, not round.

On what days do Ukrainian women expect flowers:
– Every day :))) As with all women, if you buy flowers to your Ukrainian loved one every day, they will not say no.

– Birthday, never forget this day.

– Wedding anniversary, no matter what gift you buy, be sure to have a flower with it. The 1st, 5th and 10th years are also important.

– Dating or first date anniversary. You can also send flowers to your girlfriend today.

– Never miss February 14 Valentine’s Day.

– March 8, International Women’s Day.

Why do Ukrainian women love flowers ?

Ukraine is one of the countries where women are active in social life and business world. On March 8, International Women’s Day, never neglect to congratulate not only your loved one, but also her mother, or a woman in your apartment, or any woman you know.

– Name days.

Name days are also important in Ukraine. On name days with a religious background, the names of important saints in Christian history are remembered (or celebrated). These days, for example, if your girlfriend’s name is Olga, it would be a nice surprise to congratulate her. For this reason, we recommend that you know and note the name days in Ukraine. (You can find the dates of name days in Ukraine below.)

You don’t need a special reason to buy flowers for your loved one in Ukraine and make him happy.

With a small bouquet that will show your love and interest, you can have a place in her heart for a long time.

How to give a bouquet?

– You can leave the bouquet blank to hold it in your left hand, greet your right hand, hug or wave.

– Whatever bouquet it is, take care to give the bouquet straight.

– Do not rush to deliver your bouquet immediately as if you have gotten rid of it. You should start a casual conversation, give your bouquet after a few compliments or sincere greeting to your girlfriend.

– While you are giving your bouquet, give your girlfriend’s eyes and smile. Give your girlfriend the opportunity to express and thank her admiration or satisfaction with the bouquet.

– Be careful. Indoor flowers are usually presented unpackaged. An exception to this are designs in which packaging is an integral part of the decor. On the street, you can give bouquets wrapped in paper.

Why do Ukrainian women love flowers

How to choose the right bouquet?

Deciding on the right bouquet is an art. Whatever the reason, this choice can be made original and truly spectacular. Your girlfriend will definitely remember a carefully selected bouquet.

Add a small note or postcard to your bouquet with a few words about your feelings – “I love you”, “miss you”, “I can’t live without you”, etc.

You can add a toy or a favorite chocolate or gift to a flower arrangement.

Name days in Ukraine

Anastasia – January 4

Angelica – July 14

Valeria – March 22

Valeria – June 20

Varvara – December 17

Victoria – November 24

Victor – November 24

Vera – September 30

Anna (Ganna – Hanna) – December 22

Emilia – August 1

Eve (Eva) – April 12

Eugene (Yevgenia – Jenya) – December 26

Elizabeth – September 18

Zoe – February 26

Ilona (Helena) – January 28, June 3 and June 8, July 24, November 12

Irina – May 18

Catherine (Katya-Katerina) – December 7

Xenia (Ksenia) – February 6

Larissa – April 8

Lubov- September 03

Ludmila – September 29

Margarita (Rita) – September 14

Mariya – August 28

Nikita – June 10

Nadyejda (Nadya) – September 03

Natalia (Natasha) – September 8

Nina – January 27

Oksana – February 6

Alexandra (Sasha) – May 6

Olga – July 24

Raisa – September 18

Svetlana – April 2

Taisiya – October 21

Tatiana (Tanya) – January 25

Juliana – July 4th

Julia – May 31


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